• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 03
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Transforming Hal

freeze  shall all  dreams  after
skull       fractured by impact
of               another head once
in        shadow play my lights
around        head totally spin
splutter                and shakes
the  water  around  the  brain
can                    take so much
dribbles          out of the nose
of the concussed like vinegar
hearing      under water now
what                          you say
charging elephant in profile
charging        across the field

                 out of the blue
                 hit me
                 in the head
                 with a head

now I like to feel the dent
of the hairline gently
when we the fizz
of tender bone
nerves remember
slept for about a week
before staging some regal
perpendicular to any a former
though still attached from the front
this new person

leave the mound to drown