• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02


The Soother

each day
blissfully squeezing enjoying
the tactile response
an amorous pleasure

L’agent provocateur

her secret weapon     recorder
Swiss Army multi-kit     password
one fatal lick

The Future

shifty-slide skin-smooth
unplugged she holds it loosely
Oh to be a wavelength

The Slanderer

ignore Instagram
you would not believe
the gossip she receives through
this indiscreet device

The Glamour

like Christmas perfume ads
goldenly surreal sparkle-dust chiffon
an air-brushed ideal



The Anchor

its siren-call
her hold on unreality
talisman chimera

The Philanderer

a caress    soft pressure
a lower lip    a lobe    a fingertip
nonsensical whispers in the logic of moonlight

The Thing

bird beak    pen-nib    screw-cap
cubic-cone      pocket puzzle
sculpted story