• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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I feel like I've already fallen from God's grace. 

Sometimes, out of the blue, I think 'I'd love to pray again', but I can't bring myself to do it. 

Yesterday, I found myself saying 'I wish I had never left home, never found a way out'. Being in a bubble is so comforting, it gives a sense of peace that I'm missing. 

Ignorance is a blessing. 

We spend our entire lives rediscovering ourselves. Sometimes, when I look at myself I can't recognise it, but there in the eyes, something is still glowing, an unfinished story, an unfound dream.

We are revolutions.

It’s not just in what we protest for. It's in what we feel, our spontaneity in letting it out, our ability and flexibility to allow God or the universe or energy to flow through us. In our attention to details, not just out of curiosity, which is our basic instinct, but also out of love, unidentified, unlabelled, indescribable. In the dark we tend to only see our shackles but in reality they're nothing in the face of our desire for change.

Our fevers and passions are nightmares to some, they claim but secretly they enjoy them. We remind them of how it is to be human, vulnerable.

When we are what we are, we unknowingly start the flood of change. We practise being us through writing, drawing, singing in the shower, dancing in the rain, buying flowers for strangers. 

The first step is to embrace our fears.



Invite them to the dance floor, and allow that power to arise from within to dismantle the barriers. And we do, over and over, whenever we let go. 

I can't recall ever experiencing such a trance, like there's nothing around but me and this extraordinary sensation of love. I've never been paralysed by love, never thought I could feel it, always thought I'm a creature of the dark yearning for the light. I was proud of being broken, still am, but can't resist the pull of this transcending feeling. I feel fragile and free.. 

I can't explain why it happened today, probably a combination of elements, the right picture, right song, right beam of light.

Some people make you listen when they talk, others make you see.