• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 11
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All I can play is dark she said

Play On Play On I know you can play pretty

All I can do is play my heart she said

Play On precious girly don’t be so silly

            I am a woman and blinded and airless

            Pluck those strings with your lovely white fingers

            Let me imagine you nubile-nymph-slippery-fish-hairless

            I ache when I play my mind weeps my back breaks

            I don’t want to know I couldn’t care less

            Play On for my pleasure fine china princess

I will play you music to grow your fat head to a pumpkin

You look so sweet-perfectly-mine in that white-frill dress

Then I will harp you asleep and gouge out your eyes and carve you a new mouth and hack at your flesh

Play On my angel you have seen enough of this world you belong deep down here in this well

I am no angel now you stole my wings when you bedded me upon sharp rocks and silt

Play On I’m tired of self-pity-misery O tiny flightless sightless suffocating drowned-object



When I play for you I am not your child-woman or your muse I am twisted and hungry my rage is the devil in me
I cannot hear your little twing-twing voice tasty-fish-supper-prisoner-of-mine I keep you on a pedestal I provide your lung and blood gulp-puff one pull of a tube and you are done so Play On Play On and while you do I wish to dance and lift up your hem and suck the marrow from your pale toes little piggy-wiggy-baby-tiddly

I have seen you Monster of my water world      I Know You
On the way as you caught my arm and you dragged me down down so down your face was the worst of all men and your stench was the rot of the world and one day one gold coin like a spark of fire will burn burn through this cold weed and death green thrown by an honest pure soul it will fall down down and I will grab it and my wish wish wishing wish will save me from this hell-well and you and your you-ness. And I will fly fly fly away home.