• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 06
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It’s the last quarter, all to play for.
Time Out. The clock is stopped.

You called Time Out —
was that on the game,
or on our marriage?
The clock is stopped.
I claim injury time because
I can’t leave the field
with a broken heart.
The clock is stopped.

Should I appeal to the replay
official, the review panel?

Please. I’d like a replay.
Things were so good
at the beginning,
right from the kick-off;
every week we got the extra
point after touchdown.
You were my quarter-back
hero, calling the play.

Where did it go sour,
become an incomplete pass?



The clock is stopped;
a break for commercials —
marriage guidance commercials.
Can’t we toss a coin, start over.
I’ll sprint, make a spectacular
place. The clock is stopped.
I guess I let go of the ball
once too often. Final touchdown.

I lose. I don’t want to live alone.
Stop the clock.