• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

To the Rhythms of Billy Shakes

Who is this watching my greatest failure
    Is it someone I know or a stranger

They’re standing tall and strong with head held high
    As my life suddenly passes me by

Is it my forebearer, viewing abhorred
    The ghost of father’s fathers come before

And with disgust they know where I have erred
    My tilted life, this life filled with despair

Or is it me, the me that once tall stood
    Not knowing what I’d be or what I should

A shadow of the life I might have had
    If I had taken some diverg-ed path

They say they watch over you when they’re gone
    So to whom now is my failing eye drawn

Some other, passing judgement over me
    Or myself if I’d been what I could be

Do they scruntize me, this harbinger
    Or does their gaze add to my garniture


To the Rhythms of Billy Shakes

Does their scathing glance build up my defense
    To cause my fortitude to recommence

As my eyes close they’re the last b’ing I see
    For unknown reason they’re watching o’er me

I lie still, their aim I can't ascertain,
    In spite or thanks to them I’ll rise again