• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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To Illustrate, To Evoke (Ekphrastic for Daniel Frost)

Where are you going,
tall slender figure in snow, still falling,
melting in the heart's eye despite
the distance of your long disappearance?

Blue mountains rise behind,
each tip white, blanket-rounded
as rock to foam before a hopeful
sunrise sky.

Your mission has that elegance,
inconspicuous but perhaps that's just
the nature of you: the stirring subtle
sensuality of Garbo
suddenly given
a mauve finch's flash
in your undulating cape
& that matching hat's wide brim,
an Easter-egg halo.

What a nimbus that is pulling at us,
as is the flowing cloth below,
your skirt of muted pine stirring up puffs.

The sifted drifts sparkling christen
your feet "Determined" while,
watching rapt
we too long
to take that veil.