• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10


abkhazia / T169 PH
convex snow tears cracked the ice surface
rippling black paper models nailed to the sky

algeria / 00216-88-42
sweet sweet clang skanking over metallic hush
blood orange subwoofers thumping ethio-jazz

burkina faso / 2 0304 EMGN
vivid burn rates in 10,000 watts of licensed fates
popping cassettes drinking rooh afza with rabea begum

tanzania / Z772 FT
a stereo soul refresher threaded in sprinkled dust
shadow beams bounced from satellite mirrors

jammu kashmir / 2370
custom low riders built from osmium — sand & quartz
pimped out rims spinning the universal soundscape

glinting frames wired into illegal cash wars  
backseat replacement theory — we there yet?