• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 09

Time Goes By

"You haven't changed you know. I remember you wearing white T-shirts when we were courting, well that's got to be fifty odd years ago. It was around the time all those poor kiddies in the  South Wales Valleys – you know that slag heap – took em. I'm seventy-five you know. Our Becky says I don't look it though I feel it sometimes you know, when the wind's in the east and I haven't had me nails done. I haven't really been quite the same since, well, they took it all away. I were in hospital three weeks couldn't go to the lavvy for a week. Oh the good old days though, we had some laughs, didn't we. Do you remember that time, in the back row, at the Odeon when I thought you'd put your hand were you shouldn't and it turned out, it were a rat? Oh, Oh, I'm terribly sorry I thought you were somebody else."