• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Tide Times

Luna ran down the coastal path and through the rows of marram grass protecting the sand dunes from erosion. She was late. The first time in five years. Of course, it had to be today. Her anniversary. She’d lost track of time waxing her legs for the party tonight.

Her denim espadrilles hit the firmer sand and few paces on she stopped, placed her round towel on the ground and sat cross legged on top. Her heart was thumping and she was gulping in air. Luna took four calming breaths and let her mind stretch out into the water. Pushing out through the breakers and diving away from the sunlight, she began to pull the sea towards her. At first it resisted, as it always did, but today it was stronger. Her lateness had emboldened it. The tide started to rush away.

Luna had never felt this before, but she’d heard the stories. The missed tide. Flooding and tsunamis engulfed the world. After that, the role was entrusted to the women of her family. Fifteen generations. Never a tide missed. Until now.

Luna shrugged her shoulders, stretched her neck and concentrated. Her consciousness sank deeper. She danced in the deep water mixing, surrounded upwelling currents and tugged hard at the base of water columns. Once, twice, three times. On the fourth she felt something go. The next wave came a millimetre further up the beach, as did the next and the next. Within a minute a centimetre of sand was underwater and Luna had control. Billions of gallons of water were edging towards her.

She relaxed. Her hands slid down her legs, the left one brushing the fuzz of an unwaxed shin.