• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07


These green orbs + mermen
in iodised seaweed + disaster;
blossoms sinking, in ink, swirling –
a ghostly something curled + coiled; tangled vein;
worm; serpentine cord;
– woven + draped

Float is too gentle a word for these fleshly springs
in midnight apparition.

Under inaudible bubbling depths –
ears filled with saline waves –
tumbling, tumbling incredulity
+ mesmeric sickness
this cosmic toxicity warps;
a cloudless engine
(like riding moon’s breath).
This is addictive guesswork.

The sea is opal viscosity, it bleeds
petroleum for nautical souls, it bleeds
multiplicity of futures; is tumorous,
tumultuous – Earth lighter than coal.