• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Through the lens

Preparation for the session begins as the golden hour approaches. The light is perfect and I am anticipating a successful photo shoot. Today I won’t be painting your portrait but I will capture the moment through the lens. You arrive with a shy demure walk and we chat briefly about the session.

I try to make you feel comfortable but there is uneasiness about you that I can’t put my finger on. The evening light is perfect and you look stunning in that soft glow that highlights the right hand side of your beautiful face.

The camera is on and as I look through the lens I see a slight distraction in your right eye. What is distracting you at this time? Are you anxious? It's almost as if your mind is elsewhere.

Where are you, my Beautiful?

Is the hint of purple under your right eye, which you tried to disguise, telling me a story?

Are you seeing the “virus” in the atmosphere and feeling the fear that seems to be penetrating every pore and sapping all the joy and well-being from everyone you love?

I am feeling your pain and the lens is only highlighting the awfulness of the situation the world finds itself in.

I weep.