• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

Through the fence

After many hours trudging round the perimeter fence of the Rainbow Factory, I came to a break in the chainlink. I scrambled through. No-one saw me. There were seven enormous buildings like aircraft hangars arranged in a big curve. There were signs over the doors of each of the buildings. The sign on the first one said RINSE, the second said OUT, the third YOUR, the fourth GRANNY’S, the fifth BOOTS, the sixth IN, and the last one said VINEGAR. I peeped through the door of the first building. Teams of men in red boiler suits were pouring red paint into huge tubes which led to the next building. I peeped into the other six buildings and then I wondered if I might find a pot of gold. Sure enough, there it was, guarded by a menacing leprechaun. She (I was pretty sure it was a she) shouted at me so loudly, I woke up. My mother was standing over me saying, “Get up sleepyhead, you must come and see the beautiful rainbow!”