• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

Three Little Maids From Scone

After “Three Little Maids From School” from Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Mikado”

Three little maids from Scone are we
Morag, Mairi and ginger me
hung around as a trio
when they skipped school,
when they skipped school.

They named me Gormlaithe a sin
for I am but a jumbo Tom
tied me up in yellow ribbon
dressed me in a tartan smock,
dressed me in a tartan smock.

They fed me chopped chicken prime
they fed me tuna from a tin
in fresh water off a spring
never in a salty brine,
never in a salty brine.

Stepped away Mairi off you go
two maids left – Morag and me
tickled my big fat tum
made me purr out loud,
made me purr out loud.

Three little maids who, all unwary
when painted by FCR illustrator
captured in his acts of mercy
three little maids from Scone,
three little maids from Scone.