• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

Threaded Wonders

There is a delicate ring with carved roses on the band
and scarves that float and descend
like dandelion puffs,
when thrown into the air.
There is even a black velvet
and blue satin cocktail dress,
which looks like it is ready to dance the night away.
Without their stories though,
these are just things
lacking the luster of life.

The carved roses belonged to a very old ring
from the 1920s.
The silver base had become soft
and the original stone fell out,
to be lost in some far-off corner
under a coach.
This she would not sell.
This will be saved from the STUFF pile.

The light as a feather scarves belonged
to a great aunt with an even greater sense of style.
There was a leopard print, a burgundy swirl, and a silky black scarf
with sequins that looked like stars.

In the end, she could not bear to part
with most of the things meant for the sale.
Perhaps it was the sign on the sidewalk that felt too final.
Rich with adventures,
she decided to keep the treasures of those cherished.


Threaded Wonders

But the satin dress that seemed to dance till dawn,
until the ripped seam spoiled the fun?
Perhaps there was some dance left,
hidden in the blue-black mystery
of a secret twirl and a knowing grin spin.
She would let this threaded wonder
from her own closet go.
She owned that story.
It would not be forgotten or sold.