• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 01
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Thoughts from Lucy, aged 9

It looks like he has gloves on the wall that are different colors and different shape going down the steps. I also feel that all the gloves have a different use. And maybe they mean some thing to him.

The picture looks like him so I think its his grandfather or dad. I also think that those gloves were his father's or grandfather's.

I feel like he is in an under ground basement because the sky is blue but I don't see the sky because the color is red and so it might be a basement. I am not so sure but that's my imagination and thats how I see his house.

The wood next to the picture is not typical. I think that if you touch the picture, the picture will slid back and a gate way will pop up, that's my feeling.

There is a marble table and on that marble table there is a single glove. I think that is his favourite glove and it is also the biggest. I also think that glove has been passed down generation to generation.