• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Thought-Trains Under A Vehicular Visage

Closer and not till the end
Hear hunger horns, martyred friends
Dark magic performed in the broadest daylight.
Because someone needs to sleep in pain
with thorny feathers, bloody stains;
Somehow we ended up living for that life.
Don’t bother now with the invitations,
The carpentry, the iteration,
Stationed like a train behind my eyes;
Because May passes with heavy grips,
Mirror society, unwanted trips,
Rust-goers who have yet to pay the price.
We were perhaps broken parts of a totem
Shaped like we were old and numb and molten,
That they’d chosen to atone for opened scars.
But we turned monsters into rotting flesh,
Slaughtered ghosts and silenced death;
We’re destructive beings from forgotten stars.
Yet there’s no doubt hell isn’t beneath our feet
Or heaven being a damning myth;
Alike chalkboard letters we’d be dusted off.
But there’s a winter that’ll freeze
Streams with tears and awoken dreams.
I just cannot tell when the leaves will
finally fall.


Thought-Trains Under A Vehicular Visage

we’ve seen what the tides can’t bring,
To stowaway boats with flightless things,

The truth is they will sink till they’re blind
For trains are thoughts with destinations
Passing towns with haunted stations
Can we ask them to wait just this time?
For we weren’t trains we’d pretend to stargaze
With hollowed eyes in muddy haze;
Trains that never waited nor wished to stop.
Like cars, we were speeding on a dead highway,
No destinations, we just drove away
Till it drove us off and made our metal figures crash atop.