• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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Thought Loop

My, oh my.

She is beautiful; that buttoned nose

Would cause you to loosen your tie, jump on toes as the bus goes by.

Her hair, mousy auburn, unfurling entangled in a winter scarf.

I thought her eyes were brown, but I’ve seen them closer now as green.

We’ve thought to approach her, a serendipitous bump on her path.

We know her route and her train.

Her steps are assured.

And I find her in a café, ordering a latte.

Naturally, furtively

I exist only as ellipses, three behind her, but closer than ever.

Just within reach of fervour.


I must have her.

Must know her mind. Have her untangle mine.

I stir my tea.

But she is gone.

Lost to the sea of winter coats, umbrellas, and debris.

And so I look to the clouds, licking at the ocean’s horizon.

Worry not; we’ll find another, you’ll see.