• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 11
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This Equine Eye

I have seen this equine eye before
as it looked out over the Steppes
               or Mongolian grasslands
as it travelled in a herd
               or was ridden by man -
be pack animal or food

I have seen this equine eye share
the conflicts of humanity down the ages
               at Little Bighorn or Waterloo
in a decisive cavalry charge
               break the will of infantry
while never passing judgement

I have seen the equine eye before
its orb take in all it sees
               hold depths never penetrated
with wisdom older than man
               sadness and light of another world
that we cannot - will not command

it is a positive eye
               its negative would look different
mist into a shaded indifference
fade in the passage of time -
this equine eye is a positive one
invisible at the gallop