• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

the thirty second end-of-life flash of a gay tourist in the wrong country

Double take in a mirror. Who created this haze? Me in the sarong from New Delhi or me yoga pants from the Upper East Side sweat lodge? Such richness of upholstery fabrics in this plush painted armchair. Suitable for the fireplace in Florida. Turquoise — last season’s color — somehow remains fashionable if graffiti; a kaleidoscope of visual mottos evoking the seventies clashes in anti-color government consent. No politics. Prayer? Which is the gayest of my two thousand seventeen god choice? Still a fan of Mario Brothers and dripping faucets. The fantasy of an unknown repairman knocking on the front door. Kegs of beer, good weed. Return to the poetic choice of a doppelgänger.