• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

The Thing Inside Me (or An Angry, Bloody Fist)

You are electric blue. Translucent, radiant,
you make me question everything. You are
perfect, skilful, calm. You cause me
to unravel.

I see you everywhere. In the reflection
of a window, under my sofa cushions. I smell you.
You linger. The scent is purple anger,
a reckoning.

You are the thing inside me. You’ve wound
yourself around the bloody fist.
You’ve snaked into the beats of my blood.
You know its music.

I crack my chest like a lobster, like a shell.
I dig my hands in-between my own hot
wet lungs and veins. I root around for you.
Between my fingers is only the stain
of your electric blue, once living.