• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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When landscape gives to portrait crop,
fantastic range proves personal;
a harvest prompting eroteme?
An indie viewpoint, publish need -
ice tunnel first a chasmal lid,
top layer cake with fondant struts?
But eye must turn to limits set,
the narrow brief, judged adequate.
Deep fissure through our paradigm,
more caverns measureless to sum,
lake placid, discworld, undermined,
how reconcile contextual strain?
Why does this brain wave leave me cold,
scenes juxta, posed, that sunless sea?

Student to Divinity School,
I ambled All Saints Passage way,
British Antarctic Survey board,
mixed huskies, St John’s, polar, texts.
Seek unities of time and place,
an incarnation, ice age grace -
for colour see the northern lights,
beside the lake, by fishing boats?
So many choices given place,
from basement Keller, ferment brew,
to upright challenge, narrow view
of widest wildest angled hue.
Both far but near in textured join -
how thin must be this interspace.