• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 02
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these days it’s not enough to be a face

used to be
you could get by
with being handsome
beauty was the primordial
the original shape
of the apple in the garden
symmetry is still fearful but
no longer so elusive

standards evolve
and you've gotta be covered
or be left behind and laughed at
and I mean you’ve gotta be covered
head to toe
in moustache
lustful thick and itchy
groomed rigorously for hours
like a show dog
the product
of hundreds of years
of selective breeding


these days it’s not enough to be a face

it’s no longer enough
to be man
you need to be
eyebrows composed of it
hair curled upwards in it
you gotta be dressed in it
your limbs and your joints
enclosed in it

these days
masculinity is not a muscle
is not a round of fisticuffs in a bar
is not an eighty hour workweek
a fine suit and a meaty handful of roses
nobody wants to be a man
why would you want to be a man
when you can evolve
into the highest form
when you can become
the moustache?