• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

Thesbian Cornucopia

Thanksgiving theatre curtains open…
a lobster rests on a Minoan platter

snapping claws at Dungeness crabs
floundering on their backs, legs curled

alongside assorted shrimp & sanddabs;
oohs & ahhs fall from famished lips,

leaving envious stares & snarky comments
in abeyance—momentarily; downstage right,

a white terrier lapdog watches, curiosity
aroused by the brown spider monkey

chattering, “whoop-whoop-whoop,”
rattled off like well-rehearsed lines

from a Greek chorus, while it picks
Royal Anne cherries off swollen vines

that sprout from a horn-shaped basket
share space with plums, pears, peaches,

crimson seedless & cotton candy grapes
create a bountiful ambience, relished

by a familial audience imbibing wine
defining their still life deux ex machina