• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

There Is Forever

Headache, A Curse, An Asshole
That was you.

A Nitpicker, My Madame, The Law
That was you.

You, both, gave me name
Yes, inked in papers.

You, both, thought I was your daughter
All my life, I wish I am someone else.

You, both, were unorthodox
My life, was, never mine.

No grain has satisfied my hunger
Not even a single drop of water has filled my thirst.

In my closet, a collection of gold medals
But Love, a word, I could not define.

Death, was, is, my only prayer
My last straw, I thought.

Your stuff, his and hers, these
Must go away.

Sadly, even if I made a fortune
Your name, was, is, not for sale.