• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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The Yellow King

I was tangled in all the wires —
Music was stopping —
at first wavelength slowing,
Try and equivocate the happenstance and turn,
whether a stubborn ox, or mule's
brittle bones,
nothing is pretty anymore then. When only a yule-
tide would suffice. Oh is he sweating yet? Or is the drool
dripping worse as dried ice.
A sweltering sunbeam.
A melodramatic escapade.
If one can only hope
this planet, our planet is but one
island beneath, a shared sun.
Even if life is bona fide,
twenty thousand light years
above the sky.
But what's beyond that?
I'll take Dark Matter for 700, Trebek.
That's a daily double, if it isn't too late to pass —
The girl from Stanford to my left seems better equipped to tackle;
because fate would have it that I'm already committed to a different shackle.
It's unique.
The future is not bleak,
a random tangent
could never hold its own against
a tandem, ahem, if it is not a word, then —
play, pause, rewind
preferably something from the 80s.


The Yellow King

Else T Bone Burnett sounds a lot like Leonard Cohen.

There was nothing for me to do,
battling a bout of a swine aged flu.

The thing is, that,
the drug store I that I went down to
wasn't in Chelsea,
and the abuse I sustained
was far more than my fair share.

Jimi talked too, that it's just a change of climate, perhaps.
I vie wishing he'd never said that, to me.
He was also talking to me.

Douche was the sound a splat balloon paintball gun will make.
Consequence is how this entire axis will gyrate,
eloquence is now intrinsic the governors say.
It’s rude, how surface level they appear facile
struggles come late when they don't expect a hassle
conundrum is a funny word when uttered by a character Paul Giamatti might play
it’s already so dark
so spark back up the flame!
Oh when the saints
Oh when the saints
Bailed on us.
Now I’m left with a ringside ticket
I can’t give away.


The Yellow King

Like I’m watching a never-ending sequel to a Keanu Reeves film
The replacements
Imminent combustion
Fare thee well
This government do not caress
Not our lives
Ready republicans
Stand for something smart
People don’t really forget
They reminisce
They do reminisce
It shouldn’t be a put on
How depressing
Looping this fiasco
out in the open.
Or else you take responsibility full —
I planned on sleeping, in.
But — for this? Really.
I mean, wow,
Come on, man,
Stewie said.
This has been a static service sentiment,
I needed also to get off my chest.
If it’s Monday morning you should go to work,
We’re all watching you,
It’s getting through,
His grey sky.