• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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The Wrinkle

Times change in wink of a second, it was just yesterday, when we met for the first time, and today we have crossed half a century. Wars, famines, boom, children, growth and health, we saw it all, but still it seems melancholy and solitary today. The difference between today and the day we married is only one, we do not have anybody near to us. Our children moved to the big city in the East Coast, gold rush you see. We live here alone in this country side, the environs near us have changed, but little did we change during the course of time. We are like the rock which stands tall at its place, its towering height and majestic look has faded away with each passing day. The wrinkles on our face and hand, made it difficult to get ready, but still we dressed in our best. It is morning ten, but we have not got any letters or cards yet, nobody seems to care about us, or we are getting what we did in our youth, when we got busy in our lives, forgetting about our old parents. People nearby us say there is some black device, which connects you to the world, it is really amusing, maybe we may buy it, but who will like to talk to us and whom shall we talk to, in this busy world, nobody seems to be interested in waiting for the people who have stopped.

But, today is our anniversary, and we both are content amongst ourselves, probably we do not require anybody. As, I see the sun rays pierce through the wrinkles of our face, I feel like singing the tune of Frank Sinatra's My Way. 'Yes, I did it my way'. We do not know how long we can escape death, but we both want to live happily till that time. He says, 'There seems to be a party going on nearby', she quietly looks at the right, it is getting noon now, they head back to their home.