• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

The witch considers her three transformed memories

Wide-eyed you gazed at me with green-tinged wonder.
I paused, bewildered as your smoothness slid
beneath my fingertips like pearls. One cool
and melon-scented night you drifted out –
transmitted to a thousand off-world moons.

Before you, warm in the wisdom of ancient hills
my blue-eyed boy grew old before his time.
His skin was vellum, creased like restive knowledge,
but we both loved to watch the sky, the sudden
searching vastness spooling through each night.

And I remember, years before he left,
wild arms that swung beside me in the forest.
I knew a fox-breath, fur-brushed faithful wildness,
heard language ululating to the stars–
A fractious link to childhood memory paths.