• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 08
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The Wisdom of Years Well Lived

Because they have a knowledge of the self and unselfish kind.
Seen and done it all before, some with distinguishing tattoos.
Of an infamous time when lives were discarded industrially.

Because they see beyond this petty day with all its tribulations
And see the vast panorama of Normandy's scarred beaches.
Landing terrified but undeterred – last survivors of D-Day.

Because they see history through a prism of past failures.
And meretricious leaders who trash their legacy in rhetoric.
Of the mean spirited kind – isolationism and nationalism.

Because they are now wheelchair-bound but still hopeful
of a better tomorrow as they live their days in thanksgiving
for mates, children and wives no longer there.

Because they miss them with fortitude and strength.
And the certain knowledge that they were blessed.
As we all are because they themselves are still here.

Because their sense of humour is still intact.
Not obliviated by twenty-first century living.
In an age where wisdom is considered for the birds.

Because we do not learn from past mistakes.
And we travel hopelessly down a treacherous path.
which for our sakes they travelled and know the distance.