• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09

The Wild State

Sadness was hard to lose, until I dreamt 
of mountain tops. I had insomnia. 
Before, I worked nine to five in suits
and high heels, until I slept on rocky peaks.

I slept amongst ice, frost and 
an ocean breeze. My phone became trees. 
A text was no longer an honest conversation, 
compared to the giggles of sticks and leaves. 
I became powerful, natural, but lonely.
I wished for love, watching a lake of leaves
cut and crack through rock.

But I soon saw the truth. I saw humanity
in its wild state. Black mould. Petrol that 
drowned fish. Skyscrapers that blocked the
velvet blue of our galaxy, with artificial pus-yellow light. 
Compared to nature, it was ugly.

So, I betrayed a city. I flung it away. 
I crunched its roads together 
and pushed it into the moon, until 
its bright lights became a light bulb  
that shined upon true beauty.

It was the Earth, in its wild state. 
It was natural and I became happy.