• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 12
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The wee hare

If you watch closely
you will see
the wee hare
jump over the moon,
she said,
pointing up
and we searched
the moon
watching for ears,
long ears,
longer than a rabbit,
and could make out
stars we had not
previously noticed.
They were there,
tucked in the back,
too dim to twinkle
but just a rumor
of light
in a sea of black.
And yet still more
if one stood very still
and stared long enough
and hard enough,
a throb at
the edge of the eye
that couldn't be
looked at direct, no,
it would vanish,


The wee hare

but it showed itself
in the corner
just where you
stopped seeing.
You'd glance,
at it would be gone,
and och, you missed it,
she said.
The wee hare's gone now.