• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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The Wall

life; a million boxes
lined up, stacked ready
viewing pleasure
improved by light

roll up, roll up
take a look
handbags hang
as jawlines judge

shook, the people
conform in different ways
bend to say
look our way

we are monochrome
lightless, dull
yet we shine
with all the brilliance

of a thousand boxes
break free, the wall
cannot hold you forever
we'll wait

the wall shines on
in the darkness
its saviour complex


The Wall

and they beg
bent double
with back-wrenching effort
to break it

yet the wall is strong
it does not concede
life goes on

war ensues
battle upon battle
jackets swing but
feet are firm

those that lean
keen to free the boxes
prove the light does not improve
just hides

and as those trapped
are freed
a part of the wall
turns green

they may have won the battle
but the war is far from over.