• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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The Uninhibited Skies

I can write right now onto this white page and make a mark and hope or expect even that I will not be tortured or killed for daring to show my own mind and the words happening inside it.

What is freedom? What is meant by this word?

How might it feel if I dared to dress up in red, the brightest, the most challenging and daring of all the colours and went out and danced at the edges of the world amongst beautiful landscapes whilst daring to look up at the uninhibited skies? What might it feel like to not expect to get killed by incoming bombs or missiles? What am I taking for granted?

Is it freedom to know that our fellow humans are being persecuted and we are powerless to help, or feel powerless or fear we may be punished if we even dare to show support in any way?