• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

The Ultimate Math

That's it
I've worked it all
In my mind
Concluding what
To leave behind and move ahead
With my head held up and high
At least I thought so
Because what I made myself to be
Was not happening
It was not synching
The idea of the ways of life
And the notion in my own universe
They just didn't match up
I didn't say it quits
No, I didn't
I was trying to give a message
Through my breathing and kinetics
It may have been blur, unclear
I just adopted alternate way
To issue the message
Indelible on minds and hearts
Though physicality of my act
Would dissipate in the first rain
As it always happens
Yet my presence shall become
Larger and substantial


The Ultimate Math

It is always powerful the presence of invisible
Perceived through other than normal senses
I match myself in different images
Of Now
and Later
Where do I exist in this fleeing present?
Absconding past has negated me the luxury
Of any time travel
Future beats me with its illusionary trajectory
Presence fails me every time I try to trap it
All I have left are images
I have done all my math
And now it's time