• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 11


life's a bitch when an alien
looks at you over the left shoulder
one of those never happened befores
where the right shoulder voice says out loud
you are hallucinating – have swallowed
the worm in the bottom of the tequila bottle –
the alien stays in the shadows so that is good
though it looks kind of ugly – could this
be a bad thing – can see all these ideas
string well together yet could change
so easily like the weather forecast or what
the sun would be like without a sombrero –
maybe you're about to find out – the right
shoulder says to be careful what you wish for –
your literary kind of a mind clocks this cliché
for what it is – a cliché that makes little demand
on your intellect that savours a phrase or two
of Wittgenstein who asserts: "the limits of my
language mean the limits of my world" – now
this could get ugly though some good could
come of it – maybe ask the alien about
the limits of his world – you feel bad
about where this might go – he's still
a strange fellow - fellow what? – this
could really test the limits if it's a lady alien
or even a hermaphrodite – you stay
quite still inside your red blanket comfort
zone – order another tequila for courage
then soon will ask alien about taking a drink too –
hasta la vista