• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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The Time Keeper

I have one job, to stand wasp-waisted
with just enough sand granules to trickle down
in measured time.

I am here to help you through the period
of transition. You have been observed to be
in a state of constant deliberation.

You rise and swell then sink to slow finger creep
clutching at the shore only to hesitate then allow
yourself to be drawn back, blaming it on the moon.

We did not choose to stay, when your white water
lace might puddle and befriend a rock, offer shelter,

encounter new species keen to paddle in still waters
search for new riches and welcome in new growth.

Time to remind you we are breaking free, you will pool
together. Much anger will erupt and release a seismic
wave. A wall of water to flood what we knew.