• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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The Tiger is Silent

The claws are empty
The paws are hollow
The canines are soft
For the Jungle has transformed!

Tiger rejoins the clan,
With a desire to dance.
Tiger shifts all the plans,
And drowns in romance.

Tiger touches the petals,
Eats candies in dreams.
Tiger feels the breeze,
With lightness in its limbs.

Tiger smiles like a child,
Greets elders bowing down,
Tiger looks at the stars,
Being beloved’s silver clown.

Tiger attempts to nurture,
And sow seeds of loving mind.
For the Tiger is wiser,
Wishing to be humane and kind.

Tiger stops the roar,
Boycotts war and violence.
Tiger finally acclaims,
“There is peace in silence!”