• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 08
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The Things Done Before Pride

you confessed
my smirk was exceptionally queer,
curved upwards of straight, and that did not

quite enough confidence,
for this union to work.

you then mentioned my handkerchief was
cheery, but      it's
                    the only one i owned.

i swore change would come and noted
all the straight things i had done:


wear a boring suit.

- you interrupted but i went on -

refrained from touching my butt cheeks
or plucking my eyebrows for longer than a minute,
banning phallic looking vegetables from the kitchen.

one bent knee in time became     two,
and i felt like i once had in church,
where my wrists too bent downwards of straight
and i was duly reprimanded.


The Things Done Before Pride

ave maria madre de dios,          once for a sinner,
ruega por nosotros los pecadores,     twice for the queen,
ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte,
                         last for a mediocre performance,
                         a m e n .