• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

The Strange Creature

Chapter I

There was a stranger lurking within me,
A creature, a thing,
A nameless wanderer...
With rainbow colours,
Sprouting under its flaky skin.

There was a stranger within me,
That plunged into the darkest waters,
Of the inhospitable sea,
In an adventurous journey,
Towards a luminous reality.

Soft limbs, moisty eyes,
Flickering tail, weightless torso,
Sliding through 'the Unknown'.
It carried the need to survive,
And the instinct to search for 'the Unfound'.

This boneless creature,
Came out of the most shadowy corners,
Of the deep ocean.
It gently forced its way,
Gliding towards the unexplored depths,
of the mysterious Blue.

Beyond the shady underworld,
The faintest light appeared,
And the murky darkness,
Of the unfolded void,
No longer frightened this lonely thing.


The Strange Creature

Chapter II

The reptile like creature,
Kept pushing its lightness,
Against the motionless darkness,
Sinuously whirling its bright neon figure.

The voyage lasted such a long time,
Days, months, years...who knows?
It had many unexpected twists and turns,
It encountered, storms, currents, predators.
But nothing could stop this being,
To keep going on.

Suddenly the epic voyage,
Came to an abrupt end,
When the creature unexpectedly,
Reached the shores,
of a promising 'untamed land'.

An alien,
In a new world,
Like a child dressed up,
With glittering hopes and dreams,
The creature crawled its unvertabrated frame,
Over the 'lands end',
A landscape of sandless beaches,
Paved with unbleached golden stones.


The Strange Creature

Final Chapter

There under the shimmering stars,
Of the open lazuli skies,
The creature finally rested,
It's unbroken vessel,
Filled with phosphorescent scars.

As I stepped into a new life,
Leaving behind all that once I knew,
I see colours of the rainbow,
Sprouting under my skin.

Like Spring's open flowers,
Break through the darkness,
Of the Winter's night cold mist.

It reminded me of a creature,
That lived within me,
Bellow the mysterious floating shadows,
Of the deepest darkest sea.