• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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The spirit in that tree came from the clouds
A fascinating sight with tilted Olympic crown of purest gold leaves
Above his pyramid shaped head,
Whose sparkling rays pushes the dark clouds away.
With beam arms tattooed blue like ancient warriors
With a body language before 2020,
Wearing no mask, filling the free space

Sent to purge the contaminated earth
From the catalyst of our time,
Armed with a repellant shower spray
The cure for the pandemic terror
Of which earth secrets has no answer

His glittering curved legs of golden leaves,
Like a festive spring, rolled in a stack.
In yoga sitting position he looks like the Guru of all spirits.
His elbow sparkled like sculptured crystal.

Floating around the world with a pair of herbalist tools
Shredding the octopus fangs of the virus nerves
Annihilating the spiraling web of the Covid curse
With the mark of victory on its repellant shower spray.
He is a champion that won the Covid cure,
As starlight flowers sprout on his arms
As the tree whistled his mission,
That when spring rebirth in 2021
The earth will clock a free Covid 19.