• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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the sleepers

they are knocking down the walls in my neighbourhood
not to bring people together – they build new walls
longer and higher to shut the people out

they must think that they are targets for our envy
these men in suits who give succour and shelter
only to their investments and their egos

I’d give a lot to stamp their faces with my thumbprint
the way they stamp out and drill under
these green and fertile spaces

faceless, they wear their money like a cloak
of invisibility – they are hazy as a lie in a leader column
less attributable and less accountable

they pay their henchman to shout loudly to divert us, protest
that they are just the same as us, when we see
another elite pale male flexing his privilege

they claim that they are just doing what is 'best
for everyone' – we just don’t understand
they are only doing what we would all do

if only we had what they have
and all this can be ours if we would only concentrate
on the light and let our eyes grow heavy