• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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The Silliness Test

From friendship to romance to how to train your cat,
people have written thousands of books, blogs, and quasi-serious memes
on every relationship known to man.

This poem is not comprehensive, research-based, or
quantifiable, but adds a little something
on the subject.

Considering going deeper into a relationship with Person X?
Try The Silliness Test.
Ask yourself, if I feel silly around Person X, do I:
A. feel terrified they will find out
B. act out my silly desire.

If the answer is B, you likely trust them.

If the answer is A, ask yourself, is my reaction based on:
A. their based on their previous reaction to silly behaviour?
B. based on my assumption of their reaction, based on nothing more
than an imaginative bout of ‘judging thy neighbour’?

Either way,
unless you have proof positive that they respond
badly to silly behaviour
I suggest you act on your silly impulse.
If nothing else, it
helps you define your level of friendship.


The Silliness Test

Ask yourself.
When I act on my silly impulse, how does Person X respond:
A. they roll their eyes, but smile
B. shun me, mock, or belittle in a host of ways.
C. are silly in response.
D. some other non-judgemental response.

If the answer is A, C, or D, there’s a possibility of friendship.
If B, you might not need this person in your life.
If you must be around them, acquaintance is the likely the safest box.