• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 11
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The Shepherdess & the Harper

She – lady in lace and lavender, a
shepherdess of sheep, bowed crook in one hand,
the other poised elegant at her side.
Standing high on a pedestal, admired
by all who cast a glance, especially

he – smart in red and black, a soldier fine
and tall. Attention! he pays to his left and
right, to the other figurines on the
mantel. He stands guard for the Sleepy Pig,
the Satisfied Cat, the Shepherdess’ Sheep,

and she – the other lady shimmering
softly in the light, a harper, her face,
her instrument rudely concealed to hide
a free hand with a Sharpie. I told you
so, clucked the shepherdess, not to go on

and on, to keep your head down. Silence. No
music, no word, no sound but the ticking
clock. Still lovely, sighs the soldier, looking
from one to the other.