• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 08
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The Shame

So much to lament. I'm told that I don't fit "the norm," yet how can there be a norm when I live in a time when pussy-grabbing men "lead the free world?" How can I fit any norm when on D-Day, a man who refused to serve his country because of "bone spurs" calls people fools and weak and nutty? When his leadership would repeal every gain people like me have made? Why should I try to be respectable when his kind don't want me to be respectable? Just unseen, or worse.

Why should I try, yet what else can I do? I am human and yearn for acceptance.

Once, in his exuberance at seeing me, my dog knocked over a cup of coffee. My surprise and dismay caused him to feel shame. he languished on our sofa until I comforted him. He licked my face then.

I know love.

And I know shame.