• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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The Sentient Being

There was something destructive in the air.
Sullen and tepid, it was slinking through a mist unseen and unheard and had found a way to break its own mould within a matter of minutes. It figured there was a purpose to all the meandering around towns.
Break. Stop. Break. Stop. Bre...
A lone shore and a stony silence. Yet, it seemed like there was a call. Not to me or to you, but it. The sense of a deep cry- wanton, and in all probability, something that needed its help. Slinking and shifting through in its shark-like movement, it approached the realm.
Why, this was not a call at all!
This was a nightmare.
It was now breathing in fast gulps, its first breath taken in fear.
Alarm with its unknown and undiscovered senses, it backed away and found the escape. Enchantment!
Enchantment! For the first time, it heard its unheard voice- as a scream in its head. Sensing feeling for the first time, it moved backward in short, broken stops.
(Break. Stop. Breath.)
Just before it could turn its back, it was caught tightly, drenched in the downpour and pulled back as if on a leash. Pulled back, almost stoned to feeling...gathered and pulled into embrace.
An embrace of heat pouring through and encasing its very being. In short spasms, the senses broke down to compounds and it felt fear and hope for the first time.
Felt for the first time. For the first time. First time. Time.
Fear. Break. Stop. Feel. Embrace....You.Me.It.