• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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The Secret That Grows With You

Secrets in seashells, salty sweet
Swallow flocks singing of kept promises and lost feathers
Their songs smelling of the sea
Should I tell you then
that love exists?

That I have seen it lie spread over the rocks
and then turn itself into a eager wave?
That it grew bigger the nearer you went
till it reached for your eyes
and planted a pearl in each?

I see you because the light is in my eyes
The sea has pushed you
deep inside the cocoon
where pain calls itself pleasure
It is working on me now

Secrets ringing in closed shells
The sea gets everywhere
and the salt with it

My secret blooms in brief, noisy outbursts
Some thunder, a smile, a little rain
Then the gloom settles on your shoulders
The closest I can get to you


The Secret That Grows With You

The grain that rubs against the pearl
An empty roar of elements, a stifled war cry
A sorry wave hanging about an abandoned shore
looking for a sand heap to hug

Let the secret not grow into an ogre
I will give it to the swallows when they leave
They will keep it sweet