• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04

The Second

"Look at that", she points.
Her voice tells me that I'm not supposed to look,
only concur with her and say "I know, that's so embarrassing for her."

My head swivels towards you like a cat's eyes
following a fishhead arcing through the air.
You smile and it is like an open palm -
Tender, infinitely understanding.
I hurry to keep up with her,
My head thudding in my chest and my flesh pimpling
From the unexpected caress of your gaze.

Everyone steps around the Pedestrian Subway Acrobat
Minds averted by force of habit from her alien suggestiveness
I'm very new.

At night, I return in my sleep.
You're still there, only not smiling anymore.
Varicose veins and lumps in your arms
Red eyes from a rush of blood to the head.
You are dying of exceptionalism,
But you ask me to sit, and drink some tea in the flask hidden behind the screen.
We are silent, except for your involuntary groans of pain,
And I wonder why you do it,
Why does any saint answer the call, really?

I wake to find myself swinging from the fan feet first.
Everything is ringing with the klaxon of destiny,
I got to the Pedestrian Subway
And take the empty spot before the screen.