• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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The search

The film crew pressed on. Day after day, three 4x4 vehicles traced lines around the Carpathian Mountains. The nine men and women on the expedition were growing restless, their patience ebbing. Would they ever find what they were looking for? Time was running out. Even big budgets are finite. Tempers were frayed. The three drivers, jaws locked in surly determination, fired interrogative shots at their unit directors, looking for signs. On and on they went. Only the location director and his assistant would recognise the destination. On the fourth day, they approached Bucura Lake. The three vehicles bumped along the heather-strewn track, twisting down towards the edge of the lake bordered by dense coniferous trees. Then Dirk, sitting next to Andy, the driver of the first vehicle, shouted, “STOP! That’s it! Oh, thank you God! Nirvana!”

He had found it. The perfect location to film the commercial for Fox’s Glacier Mints.