• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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The Rarity of Blue

The guide picked up the travellers at midnight. Together they drove for hours through sleeping villages, through the moonlit plain, along twisting mountain paths; climbing in altitude until the route became so narrow they abandoned the truck and its driver.

The aroma of disturbed soil accompanied the trio as they marched onwards, the two travellers eagerly scanning their surroundings hoping for a glimpse of the promised rarity.

As dawn broke the mountains and valleys slowly came to life; the rising sun brushing colour across the land one section at a time, the sweep of sunlight rushing towards them. The guide, having grown accustomed to the view, grew impatient, hurrying them along.

Remaining a few steps ahead of the sun, the travellers kept glancing back, checking on its progress, in awe of the sights appearing below. Yet it was nothing to the excitement they felt on first seeing the distant dots of blue sprinkled across the clearing.

As the trio slowed, the sun finally caught up. Rays of light glanced their shoulders, radiating out across the grass, the small specks of blue expanding as petals responded to light and warmth. The travellers gasped at the rare flower’s beauty — at the brilliance of its blue.

One traveller pulled out a small bag and stepped closer, preparing to take a sample, ignoring the guide’s warning — a warning already too late. The flowers were rearing up releasing a fragrant blue mist into the air, their petals thrown back like manes, vivid yellow stamens flaring, expanding into horrific forms.

The guide stood his ground. He knew what was coming. The blue cloud intensified, enveloping the traveller, forcing his companion to reach out in an effort to save him, finding herself engulfed too.


The Rarity of Blue

The guide turned on his heels, running back down the track, shouting a warning to the driver, trying to ignore the cries of those he abandoned.

Having already seen the blue cloud rising up in the distance through his rear view mirror, the driver revved the engine, pulling away, wheels spinning, as the guide slammed shut the door. They drove back in silence, grateful to have been paid upfront.