• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09

The Proverb Says, …

I broke my ankle at an Italian restaurant I went to for breakfast. After writing a letter for a long time, I forgot that my legs were numb, twisted my ankle, and dropped the cup of cappuccino as I tried to leave from the table. Both the painful ankle and the cup that fell on the floor made a broken sound, but out of nowhere there was a blessing of "Macaroni!".

There is a saying, 'fall like cheese on macaroni,' which means "to happen at just the right time."

The letter was to be sent to my friend who had been estranged.

"Hello. How are you? Me? Of course, I am fine."

A spider that had threaded from the ceiling came down on the drops of cappuccino spilled onto the table. "Do not kill the spider in the morning," My late grandma often said. The proverb says, 'The spider in the morning is auspicious.' On the other hand, there is a saying, 'Kill the spider in the night even if it is your parent.' My grandma said, "Because the spider appearing at night is a messenger of hell."

Anyway, give a blessing to the many dead, grandma and dad buried in the darkness of the night.